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Old 10-28-2005
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The Burk Blog 10/28

This was our last week of a pretty hard training cycle, and next week we start what we call our competition cycle, which will go until we are done with classes for XMas break. Each cycle just has different sets of training methods and what not. Next week we have our wrestle offs. They are preceded by a mini tournament, in which everyone will wrestle 2 matches either Monday or Tuesday. For the mini tournament, we are given a 3 pound weight allowance, and a 2 hr weigh in. So, for example, I will weigh in at 6am on Monday morning, and have to make 177. I'll then wrestle two matches at 8am. For me, I only have one other guy at my weight. So I have to wrestle people from other weights for my mini tournament matches. Then for Wednesday we will have a 4 pound allowance, and weigh in at 4pm for a 6pm meet.

My weight has been getting down gradually. I've been as low as 179, so I am not doing too bad. I am going home for the weekend to relax and see the family, so hopefully my mother's great cooking doesn't hurt me too much. . The first few weeks making weight might be rough, but hopefully I will get it under control sooner or later. But, it will be nice to see the whole family again this weekend, and spend some time with them before we get into the season. They are great supporters, though, and there is usually 5 of them at every meet, if you count a one yr old kid! So, the start of the season also means that I will see my family more often.

I kind of view this coming week as a regular competition. To me, anytime I am on the mat I want to do the best I can, therefore I prepare for this just as if I was preparing for a big dual meet. Obviously competing against your own teammates isn't always fun, but you have to do what is needed in order to earn your spot. I think there are going to be some close, interesting matches this week. After next week, we have the Stevens Pt Open on the 12th. We did really well there last yr, and it is a great meet to get our feet wet before we start competing against some real high class teams. I am really looking forward to get out on the mat in an actual match and see what kind of conditioning I have right now, and also see how far I have come since last yr. To do well in practice is one thing, but in a match it can be totally different. This is the time of year that always excites me because it brings something new. The preparation has been put in since last March, so now I get to see the strides I have made, and what things I need to work on for the rest of the year.

Other than that, I just wanted to say congrats to Scott Owen. He placed 3rd at the Sunkist Open last weekend, losing a very close match to the eventual winner, Tyrone Lewis. Also, I kind of want to give you guys a brief run down of who will be competing at each weight class this coming week. Hopefully you guys can make it out on Wednesday.

125 - Pat Castillo and Zach Berman might be considered the front runners. Pat is dropping down from 133. Also, Max Hiatt and John Weinert will compete.
133 - We have 3 guys here who all could be in the MAC finals. Gralan Early, Andy Hiatt and Chad Vandiver will make for a very competive few days next week. Also, Will McDermott will compete.
141 - Josh Wooton is a returning MAC champ and 3 time NCAA qualifier. Dan Ruettiger and Adam Kravitz will challenge each other to see who faces Josh in the finals.
149 - Mike Grimes, Kalen Knull and Joe Cornejo make for another very competitve weight. This one will be fun to watch.
157 - Aaron Owen, Justin Metcalfe, Dan Pace and Scott Wallace.
165 - Alex Nelson, Johnny Galloway and Brett Ambrosino. Nelson and Galloway might be one of the closer wrestle off matches. Alex was third two years ago at the MAC tourney, while Johnny was second last yr.
174 - Myself and Nick McClone are the only two.
184 - Dave Herrera, Duke, Jeremy Kenny, Brad Wisowaty and Derek Lalowksi make up one of our deeper weight classes.
197 - Derek Hunsinger, Rob Panayi and Scott Sands will compete here.
HWT - Joe Sapp, MURPH Mahalik and TANK McCarrel will be vying for the HWT spot.

I think that's everyone. Hopefully I didn't leave anyone out. I'll try to update you guys next week on who will be wrestling in the finals on Wednesday. Thanks again for all your support. Those that don't support us, sorry. I guess no matter what you do or where you go in life, people will be there to try to bring you down somehow. That's just the way life goes. I don't write this for all the people who DON'T want to read it. I write for all the people who are interested and wonder about what goes on in a college wrestling room.

Thanks again, hope all is well! Have a safe weekend. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

- Danny -

On the road to success you can be sure of one thing....There is never a crowd on the extra mile.

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